Critical Cases

Some of the great achievements of Dr. Sachin Patil.

Case-1 : 80-year-old gentleman with choronical Angina and breathlessness.

Coronary angiography shows critical Triple Vessel Disease which will require CABG(Bypass surgery) In view of old age, poor physical condition and multiple comorbid illnesses he was advised CABG(Bypass surgery). Dr. Sachin Patil sir and Team did his Angioplasty, accepted the challenge and made it successful. Complex bifurcation angioplasty with multivessel disease was done.

Case-2 : 82 yr old lady suffering from acute myocardial infarction

Her angiography showed 4 blockages and was adviced Bypass surgery (CABG), but considering her age, very flail status of 39 kg only, along with other comorbid illnesses, the bypass was at very high risk. Dr. Sachin Patil performed angioplasty and in one single sitting. He implanted 4 stents in the coronary arteries at one go and relieved her from symptoms and saved her life. She is now fine and able to carry her routine normally.

Case-3 : 50 yr old lady Diabetic and Hypertensive came with chest pain for the past 2 weeks

Angiography showed critical lesion in LAD and Diagonal vessel. It is called as BIFURCATION lesion. Medina 1,1,1. Lesion. This complex and technically challenging. Angioplasty was done by Dr. Sachin Patil by MINI-CRUSH technique. He used 2 stent strategy and handled the case. She is under regular follow up from last 5 yrs and is doing well.

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